5 Best sellers Pet Supplies Frozen Dog Food of 2017

5 Best sellers Pet Supplies Frozen Dog Food of 2017

Best sellers Pet Supplies Frozen Dog Food

1. Rudy Greens Doggy CuisineRudy Greens Doggy Cuisine

100% Human Edible Food for Dogs. Comes frozen (no preservatives or by-products) in 24 oz boxes, each with four 6-oz pouches. Ideal as a mix in with kibble, to give your dog nutrients missing from highly processed commercial foods. Contains only REAL ingredients, made in a USDA human food facility, Beefy Rice, Chicken & Veggies, Fish Stew, Pork, Pasta Potato & Turkey Mac-n-Cheese Doggy Cuisine. Buy it here >>

2. Paw Naturaw Organic Beef Frozen Dog FoodPaw Naturaw Organic Beef Formula for Dogs

Paw Naturaw Organic Beef Diet, Medallions is complete and balanced for dogs of all life stages.


Organic Beef, organic beef liver, organic cucumber, organic broccoli, organic carrot, organic kale, organic beet, organic flax seed, organic green snap beans, organic bok choy, organic parsnip, organic safflower oil, tricalcium phosphate, organic beef hearts, organic blueberries, organic wheat grass, organic beef kidneys, organic parsley, organic cranberry, organic lecithin, sea salt, zinc proteinate, vitamin E supplement, copper proteinate, manganese proteinate, calcium iodate, and vitamin D3 supplement.


Feeding Recommendations: Feed 3 portions of Paw Naturaw diet per 10 pounds of dog companions weight at two meals each day. Puppies and pregnant or nursing females may require 2 to 3 times normal maintenance amounts. Breed, genetics, physiological state, activity level, and envioronmental conditions may require feeding more or less than recommended amounts. Consult www.PawNaturaw.com/feeder.php for an interactive feeding calculator. Buy it here >>

3. Bravo Homestyle Freeze Dried Dinner Beef FoodBravo Homestyle Freeze Dried Dinner Beef Food

Bravo! blends offer the convenience of a pre-made blend of pure premium grade poultry, meat, organ meats, ground bones and vegetables. The four-part bravo! blends formula is for intermittent and supplemental feeding only – you should consider adding your choice of supplements for a complete and balanced diet. Bravo! blends are made from USA raised and processed meat and poultry sourced from USDA-inspected plants producing human grade proteins that offer you a quality advantage and taste advantage. The rich color and fresh look and smell of these meats and poultry tell you they are tops for quality and purity. When it comes to feeding America’s pets a bravo! raw diet, no compromises!. Buy it here >>

4. PATISSERIE Smiling dog Freeze Dried food treatsPATISSERIE Smiling dog Freeze Dried food treats

manufactured in compliance with HACCP Principles and Safe Food standards and audited and certified by SCI Qual Internationl
For small&medium breed dogs, feed 1 to 3 treats daily as a treat depending on our dog’s weight and activity level.

Storage : Keep in dry place and seal the packing after opened

Caution : For the safety of your pet observation is recommended when feeding.

Single Ingredient Freeze Dried Treats 100% Pure meats or fish freeze dried to lock in nutrients and concentrate natural flavor. Grain free, low calorie, low fat and low carb. Also great for allergic pets. One ingredient, many benefits.

Functional Freeze Dried Treats Freeze Drying is the ideal way to make functional treats. Because there is no cooking, we maintain the full nutritional value and potency of each functional ingredient. Living Treats support healthy digestion, TruHips for healthy joints and Unbaked for healthy skin & coat. Buy it here >>

5. My Perfect Pet Food Frozen Dog Food

My Perfect Pet Food Frozen Dog Food

Case of 6: Low Glycemic Chicken Blend, 100% natural, whole, human grade food, 100% complete & balanced. My Perfect Pet combines advantages of fresh, natural, whole foods with safety and convenience of lightly cooked. Boneless skinless chicken lightly baked to minimum temperature recommended by FDA, then blended with other fresh, whole ingredients and supplements to make it 100% nutritionally complete with a very low calculated glycemic load for dog requiring strict limiting of carbohydrates. Ultra Low Glycemic Chicken Blend is easily digested, even by sensitive stomachs. Gluten free, no meals, preservatives, additives, or fillers. No corn, wheat or soy – only fresh whole foods carefully selected to offer the healthiest nutrition for the dog’s system – naturally. Dogs love the aroma and taste of freshly baked chicken! Even picky dogs love it! My Perfect Pet’s philosophy is simple – if it’s good enough for the rest of the family, it’s good enough for them. Fresh ingredients are purchased locally where possible, and delivered by the same companies supplying local restaurants and grocery stores. All supplements are sourced in USA and are highest USP and FCC grades. Blends are prepared by certified food handlers using the same FDA standards as restaurants and commercial kitchens. Lightly cooked food is recommended by American Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, and a growing number of therapy pet and pet care organizations. STORE FROZEN. May be thawed and stored in refrigerator up to 3 days or packed in coolers for travel. PACKAGING: Packed in 1.75 lb recyclable trays for easy storage and portion control (12 trays per case). Committed to protecting the environment, all manufacturing equipment and processes are green and energy efficient. Recyclable materials are used in all packaging – even the insulated cooler boxes used for shipping in are made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable. Buy it here >>

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