Shop for best rated Space Heaters

Shop for best rated Space Heaters

Best rated Space Heaters

Space Heaters: Lasko Ceramic Heater

Lasko Ceramic Heater

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

– Adjustable Thermostat Control for Personalized Comfort

– Built-In Safety Features

– 1500 Watts of Comforting Warmth

– 3 Quiet Settings

– High Heat

– Low Heat

– Fan Only

– Convenient Carry Handle

– Fully Assembled

– E.T.L. listed

– 6″L x 7″W x 9.2″H

Lasko’s #754200 heater offers powerful heat in a small package suitable for under a desk or even table-top. Buy it here >>

Space Heaters: Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Portable-Mini Heater

Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Portable-Mini Heater

Honeywell HeatBud Ceramic Heater

The Honeywell HeatBud Ceramic Personal Heater is a portable, energy efficient solution that provides just the right about of heat for you. Perfect for all personal spaces – use anytime at home, at school or in the office. Designed with ceramic technology that provides fast, even heating, it is energy efficient and uses only 250 watts. Offered in four fun colors, it has a modern, compact design that fits anywhere – use on and/or underneath desks, tables and work spaces. With one button manual controls, it is simple to use – a great way to keep your space cozy and warm. Buy it here >>

Space Heaters: Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan

Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan

Holmes Heater with Programmable Timer & Bathroom Safe Plug

The Holmes Bathroom Heater Fan creates cozy, warm comfort while also helping curb heating costs. Add warmth in the bathroom without turning up the thermostat with this portable heater. Awake to an inviting bathroom environment by using the preheat timer to get the room warmed before use. Designed with ALCI plug for use in bathroom. With overheat and manual user reset safety features, you can confidently use your portable heater without worry. Buy it here >>

Space Heaters: Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Save Big On Your Heating Bills

Dr. Infrared Heater, newly engineered and designed in the US, is one of the best alternative and most efficient heating sources for you this winter. The Dr. Infrared Heater’s Advanced Dual Heating System, combining PTC and Quartz Infrared Element, keeps you warm this winter while saving on heating bills. Equipped with a Dual Heating System and High Velocity Low Noise blower, the Dr Infrared Heater increases the heat distribution and transfer rate and the result is heating your room to a comfortable temperature, fast. The Dr. Infrared Heater is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) USA and Canada, ensuring the highest safety standard. The Dr. Infrared Heater is perfectly safe around children and pets and only gets warm to the touch. It does not have exposed heating elements that can cause a fire. The Dr. Infrared Heater comes with Energy saving Auto Mode, high and low setting when the mode is set to Auto, the unit will cycle on and off and switch between high or low setting to maintain the desired temperature setting. All Dr. Infrared heaters are engineered and designed in the USA.

Dr. Heater uses infrared heating, which heats objects in the room, instantly making you feel comfortably warm. Other heaters simply heat the air in the room; the problem with this is hot air rises to the ceiling, creating drafts that leave you feeling hot in one moment and cold in the next. By heating only the objects in the space–not the air–Dr. Heater provides maximum warmth and energy efficiency. With its state-of-the-art technology that helps the room retain air moisture, Dr. Heater won’t dry out your skin like those convection heaters that blast out hot air, stripping the room of moisture. And the best part? It will save you money. Use Dr. Heater instead of your regular heating system, and you could save up to 50% on your next electricity bill. Plus, with its tip-over protection and auto shut-off overheat protection, you can sleep soundly knowing you’ve got a heater that’s superior in safety. With its unparalleled heating capabilities, safety design, energy efficiency, and quietness, Dr. Infrared Heater is simply the best choice for your home heating needs. Buy it here >>

Space Heaters: Lasko Full Circle Ceramic Heater with Remote

Lasko Full Circle Ceramic Heater with Remote

Full-circle warmth Ceramic heater with remote 2 quiet comfort settings; High heat, low heat, auto remote control, digital Thermostat and timer

Full circle warmth ceramic heat

Design that delivers high availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance

Programmable to sweep heat 90-degree, 170-degree or full 360-degree

Digital programmable thermostat

Simple base assembly required. 25″ tall.

1500-Watt of comforting warmth with high, low and thermostat controlled settings

ETL listed. Buy it here >>

Space Heaters: Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater with Remote

Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater with Remote

The Lifesmart LS 3 ECO Infrared heater offers you safe, healthy heat and is ultra-efficient for a medium size room. This heater features 3 of our metal wrapped quartz infrared elements, has a lifetime washable air filter and only uses up to 1500-Watts. All electrical components are warrantied for 1 year. There are 3 energy savings settings including an Eco Setting that will heat smaller areas to 68 degrees using only 500-Watt. The heater is surrounded by our stylish black fireproof cabinet. The lightweight heater makes it easy to carry from room to room to enjoy the benefits of zone heating. This compact heater also includes a new larger remote control to operate the Digital Thermostat allowing you ultimate control. Dual Timer settings can be used to turn on or off the unit up to 12 Hours ahead. Buy it here >>

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